What We Do

"A small company doing big things!"

Technical consulting services are provided to fulfill the distinctive requirements of AM FM and TV broadcast stations worldwide.

The ability to visualize the surrounding terrain as an aid in proper transmitter site selection for FM radio and Television broadcast stations, and microwave transmission systems (or other VHF/UHF/SHF transmitter sites) is a prime tool in the establishment of a successful transmitter site. We offer 3-meter and 30-meter digital terrain retrieval with 3-D modeling of the surrounding terrain, including full-motion animations of the surround terrain (fly-by's or 360 degree sweeps).

The firm provides frequency allocation studies, site selection analysis, and the preparation of most FCC applications. Specialized services include design and adjustment of AM directional antenna systems; field strength measurements; measurement of RF radiation exposure conditions; temporary site facilities(STA'S); station inspection, equipment evaluation and "due diligent" inspections on behalf of prospective buyers and financial institutions. Group supervisory service provides guidance for multi-station clients.

An extensive in-house computer facility has been developed for database and application computing including daily on-line retrieval of FCC public notices, databases and proposed rule makings.

The firm maintains offices in the Washington D.C. area providing advantageous access to FCC staff members and Congressional representatives.

Radio/TV Towers on Sandia Peak, Albuquerque, NM.